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Tired of trying to lose weight but could never achieve the goal, and result in having a low self confidence? You’re at the right page!

Real Fitness is a team of personal trainers specialising in fat loss & body transformation for over 20 years experience. Transformed over 500 lives through our training program, along with our specialised nutrition plan & weekly check. Which help to ensure you are achieving your goals.

Guaranteed with your dream body & gaining the confidence you’ve dreamt about, that’s the vision of our team !

Let’s hear from more clients!

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The staff here is incredibly friendly and extremely qualified! They provide Inbody scan to analyse your body conditions and which part of your body should improve on. That’s really helpful especially for people who wanted to achieve their fitness goal would be great for them to keep track on their muscle mass & body fats.

I’ve signed up their personal training program. My trainer Romeo is very professional and friendly. He personalised a training program that suits me & guide me on my posture through out the training session. I’ve been working on strength training and I can see my improvement after a few sessions!
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This is my 3rd months training with Kery, and I would like to thanks him for his professional advice and guidance. During the session he would always ensure me doing the exercise right, and what’s more important is, he tailored the programme according to my actual condition and need.

I have not been doing any exercise for the past 10 years, and always regard myself to be very noob in physical activities. But because of the tailor made progressive training programme, now I started to fall in love with working out, and more importantly, living a healthier lifestyle.

Also the gym is clean and complete with equipments too!
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Gym consist of 3 floors , and is well equipped with diversified equipments cater for people with different fitness goals. Each PT also specialized in different expertise making them knowledgeable to treat different problems faced by trainees.

I had the chance the train under coach Joash and the experience is amazing. For anyone planning to go serious in your journey, he is the person to go for.

Gym is clean , equipments are well maintained, PT are passionate and knowledgeable, overall a really great experience.